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Divorce For People Over 50

David W. Schermer

If you are aged 50 or older and wish to divorce, you face some issues that younger couples do not:

  • You can't start over financially as a younger person can. The divorce settlement you receive must protect your assets.
  • Retirement accounts or pension assets may have to be divided.
  • Your marriage may have lasted for some time and the stress of splitting up after so many years can take an emotional toll.
  • You or your spouse may have health issues that require attention — and adequate health insurance coverage.
  • Child custody and visitation questions may be less of a concern, though there may have to be provisions made for funding college costs.

To deal effectively with these and other issues, you need advice and representation from an experienced family law attorney.

Call David W. Schermer, Attorney at Law, at 503-908-4896 to schedule a consultation.

Experience You Can Depend On

I am David W. Schermer, a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience guiding people through the divorce process and resolving related matters involving children, property and support. I do not take a cookie cutter approach to my practice or provide one-size-fits-all legal solutions. I will carefully consider the unique facts of your situation and develop a legal strategy tailor-made for you. My goal will be to achieve your divorce in a timely and efficient manner, while protecting your rights at all times.

When advising and representing you, I will explain your legal options, discuss legal costs and help you make informed decisions. As the legal process moves forward, I will keep you informed of important developments, return your phone calls and answer your questions. I want to help you make a successful transition to life after divorce.

Contact An Experienced Divorce Attorney

To discuss the issues in your case with an experienced and compassionate attorney, call me at 503-908-4896 or contact my law firm online.

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