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Mark S. 1/13/15

This letter is to confirm the positive experiences I have had with David Schermer, Attorney at Law. Clear back in 1983, he handled a traffic citation case and did an excellent job for a reasonable price.

When I was forced to declare bankruptcy due to helping out a family member in a failed business, he was the first person I called. It turns out he is the attorney of choice of a real estate agent I have known nearly all my life and has handled more than one real estate transaction for me.

It came as no surprise that David handled my case in a very efficient manner at a more than reasonable rate.

The best thing about doing business with David is that he treats you as a friend and not just a client. I have already recommended him to a family member who is just as satisfied as I and would strongly advise anyone who needs legal services to use him.

Dr. Cook 2/18/14

I am compelled to write this letter to express my deep appreciation for the work David Schermer did on my behalf.

When I first met David, I was just wrapping up a three-year, bitterly contentious divorce. I had lost my life savings and was now facing losing my business to the IRS. I was desperate, broke and afraid of what the future would hold. David assured me he would take care of me, he could get me bankruptcy protection, and to relax. Everything would be okay, then he went to work.

I had worked with three different attorneys over the past three years. David was my fourth. From my experience, the previous attorneys gathered my information, filled out a sheet, sent me multiple invoices for services provided, then letters of dismissal. David was different. He was careful, meticulous, and extremely knowledgeable. He sat me down on several occasions, looking for ways to make us come out ahead. He didn't just want my bankruptcy to be approved, he wanted to make sure I had a life following the judgment. I felt he really cared for me as an individual. I was surprised one day when I found out he was re-evaluating my divorce judgment. He found loose ends that if not addressed, could lead to financial disaster in the years to come. David charged me a very fair rate for representation. He had no obligation to work on my divorce. But he did.

When our court date arrived, I witnessed one disaster after another. It was humiliating watching so many individuals face the judge, either under prepared or under represented. I felt total relief with David by my side. Our time before the judge went smoothly. Flawless. You could sense the Judge appreciated how prepared we were, and as David assured when I first met him, we got everything we wanted.

I wish I had met David first. He is very knowledgeable, careful, respected, and caring. He saved my business, and put me on the track for a successful future. I asked David to represent me for all of my legal matters from here on out. If you are in the need for legal representation, your best chance at success is having David Schermer on your side.

Thank you Mr. Schermer.

Dave 02/14/2014

Eight years after my divorce an issue arose regarding the remaining alimony payments specified in the stipulated agreement. At the suggestion of a friend, I enlisted the help of David Schermer in resolving this issue. David worked with my ex-wife's attorney and in a very short time we were able to work out a compromise that not only put the issue to rest but also concluded the alimony judgment against me altogether. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the work David did in resolving this matter. I found him insightful, supportive, and very responsive in answering my questions and dealing with issues that came up during the negotiation. I wholeheartedly recommend the law office of David Schermer to anyone needing legal representation in matters of marriage and family law.

mbinmilw 09/09/2013

David Schermer is someone we have and will continue to recommend to anyone needing a Bankruptcy Attorney. During one of the most difficult times in my wife and my life, David and his assistant were very sympathetic, but also very professional and efficient in the process. We had no idea what we were in for, and David did a great job answering our questions, and we had a lot. Never did I feel that David was not totally focused on what was best for us within the law. One of the things that impressed us the most was when it was finally time for us to appear in the Bankruptcy court, something we had been dreading since we made the decision to file, David helped ease our anxiety by being very clear on what to expect. Also, it was very evident that David is respected in the court system and we believe that added to our finalizing the process earlier than others told us it would take. Making the phone call to Mr. Schermer's office was the best decision we made.

mcspain 09/04/2013

David was very helpful and creative in a difficult parental contract situation. David was easy to work with, and had expansive knowledge of the law as it pertained to my situation. This period of time was very difficult and David was easy to talk to as well as very informative. David also prepared my will and advance directive. I would recommend David to my friends.

judy.latiolais 08/29/2013

David Schermer helped me with a complicated civil suit. He was very professional, and also very compassionate during what was an extremely stressful time for me. The case was resolved in a manner that was fair to everyone and at a reasonable cost to me. I recommend him highly.

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